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Amberial Dreams is an evolving 2D physics-based precision platformer. Control a sphere and its speed through an enchanting universe filled with wonders and wicked levels.

5th game in the series of famous flash games, Amberial Dreams scales everything up whilst keeping true to its success formula, loved by more than 2 million players! Bringing a new engine, an exhaustive level editor and a narrative campaign full of colourful characters, Amberial Dreams is ready to launch in Early Access.

During this year of Early Access we will work closely with the community to add new levels, campaigns, traps, pieces and much more!

Rolling left and right, will you be able to tackle the challenge?

Use the different surfaces to control your momentum, play in null gravity and interact with the many different pieces to finish more than 50 handcrafted levels. New levels and mechanics will also be added throughout Early Access!

Amberial Dreams offers a unique difficulty with wicked levels. Test your skill against pixel perfect levels filled with devilish traps. Only players having mastered the game can hope to finish them. Not to mention finishing the levels while recovering all the collectible moons. We tried... and we could not beat them all. Can you?

Follow the story of Amber as she wakes up from her long slumber, alone, to find her former idyllic world transformed to the core. Incarnate her avatar and explore 4 different biomes, each with their own gameplay twists and narrative. Change the world as you progress and uncover hidden secrets. Where are your missing sisters and why did everything change so drastically?

We give the players the same tools we used to develop the game. We wanted to offer you the best experience with the ability to customize every level you have beaten in the campaign or to create your own with dozens of unique pieces. Carefully place portals, deadly moving spikes, gravity rays and so much more to craft your own playfield. You will never run out of possibilities with the addition of new elements throughout Early Access.

Once you are happy with your levels, share them with the world and explore theirs! Thanks to a powerful tagging and research tool, find the levels that you want to play or give the featured ones a try!


©2022 Twin Sails Interactive - All Rights Reserved - © 2022 Lumorama

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